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How to Ace-Up Mandir Design And Pooja Rooms

While designing the interior of new home, Pooja rooms and Mandir are the most important spaces to be taken in considerations.This mostly come with spatial and space orientation( VastuShastra).

Pooja spaces are an essential part of a home in today’s apartment plans. No separate provisions are made for a pooja space. We need to be innovative about where and how to fit in this unit.

Enhancing Wall Mounted Units:

  • Wall Mounted Mandir with Impressive Door:

This mandir design is perfect for small designs with impressive jhali door. It does not compromise on utility,function and style.It has got pretty drawer for your pooja items, beautiful door design and ambient lights.

  • Wall Mounted Mandir with Serene jhali work:

This wall mounted mandir has beautiful backdrop of jhali which give a serene and elegant look and with small shelves for idols and continuity of wooden backdrop which adds a composed looks.

  • Pendant Lamps And Bells

Pendant Lamps and Bells Beautify your Wall mounted Mandir and give effortless looks.

Mandir with Storage Units

  • Storage Units With Handless Drawers:

Storage unit mandir with handless drawers and storage design giving a sleek look to this type of Mandir design.T

  • Drawers with traditional look:

To give a traditional look this some classic and antiques handles gives a awestruck and amazing look.

  • Niches as a Display Unit

Niches as display unit for your idols to worship god which gives impressive and significant look.

Backdrop Ideas for Mandir Design

  • Jhali Work for Divine Look

Intricate Jhali Work which can be made up of Acrylic or mdf material as a backdrop gives a gleaming and pleasing look .

  • Onyx Stone As a Brightening look

If you want to have eye-catching and dramatic look onyx stone is a worthy idea. Though this stone is a bit high in cost but its a worth the value.

  • Wallpaper and Tiles for moderate budget:

Wallpaper and tiles as backdrop also gives a Demarcate and effortless look with moderate budget .

  • Glass backdrop for transparency look

Glass backdrop can give a transparency look and you can also print your idols and gods pictures and print on glass by which a mandir look can made.

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